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Thanks to Lostpedia for these.

* In Juliet's list of medical supplies, "forceps" is incorrectly spelled "forcepts." "Gauze pads" also appears to be incorrectly spelled as "gause pads."

* "Hard-wired" smoke detectors (as used in a hospital) do not have an on board battery. They are attached to a central electrical supply and linked together. Any malfunctioning of a commercial smoke alarm would be indicated at a central control panel, not by a beeping in the unit itself.

* Jack's labcoat spells his last name as "SHEPARD". However, the door to his office and his name in the lobby of the St. Sebastian Medical Center where he works spells it "SHEPHARD".

* When Jack is first seen stumbling out of his tent in the episode's beginning, there is a thin trail of sweat on his shirt, running down from the neckline. However, when the camera flashes back to him not more than seconds later, the entire top of his shirt is soaked.

* The examination table that Sun shows Jin in The Staff medical hatch is completely different from the one on which both Sun and Claire were examined previously.

* If the Red Sox-Yankees article is correct (August 2007) it contradicts the date of the funeral in "Through the Looking Glass" which is April 2007. It would set these events after the funeral not before which is what we are led to believe.

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