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Thanks to Lostpedia for these.

* There is an attached shirt rack concealing the hieroglyph door in this episode, rather than the storage shelving shown in that same position in "The Economist".

* When Ben appears in the desert for the first time, he appears laid on his back on hard cracked ground. In the next shot he is shown raising himself up off a completely sandy surface.

* Many of the Arabic scripts (including the news broadcast and the signs in Tunisia and Iraq) are erroneous. The letters are not connected as they should be (i.e. as if they did not form words). And even if they were connected, many of them still would not form proper words. Sayid's name, for example, is written as: س ي د ج ا ر ه which would read سيد جاره (Sayyid Jareh) when connected. This is not how Sayid's name is spelled though (سعيد جراح).

* In "The Economist" the ceiling of the small corridor between the bookcase and Ben's secret room showed no signs of a gap where the door lowered preventing Sawyer from passing to follow Ben.

* At the beginning, when Jack takes the antibiotics out of the suitcase, a tattoo is visible on his left forearm. In the next scene, the tattoo (that never had been there) is gone.

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