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Bible Date

Thanks to Joe for the following.

I noticed something in the episode "Left Behind" from Season 3 of LOST. Ed Mars catches Cassidy, who is dressed as Kate; she claims to be selling bibles has a case full of bibles to prove it. One of the bibles in the case is a particular edition of the TNIV that I own. I thought that was cool, to see a not-so-common version of the bible in there, and especially since it is such a recent one. In fact, it is too recent to fit into the timeline: it was published in 2005, but the events in this episode took place before the 2004 plane crash. Screenshot is attached, and here is a link to that bible on Amazon: Obviously there's probably just an inattention to detail here, not any sort of deeper meaning. Still, thought you might find it at least marginally interesting.

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