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* When Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate return from the Galaga, a rainbow is clearly visible over Sawyer's right shoulder. The rainbow remains visible until Bernard appears, at which time the storm in the distance is suddenly darker and the rainbow has disappeared.
* The straps on Jack's surgical mask appear both above and below his ears in different shots during the surgery scene.
* During the final scene the blood around Juliet's mouth and face keeps disappearing and reappearing.
* In the gun-fight at the Swan site, Kate's gun is shown as out of ammo, but the next shot shows her continuing to shoot, then she replenishes the magazine.
* When Sayid is dismantling the bomb, he is shown wearing gloves, and then not wearing gloves.
* The shot of the Statue when Sawyer's group see it is opposite than what we see when Jacob is at the beach. The legs are in an opposite stance and the lines on the loin cloth go a different direction.
* When Sawyer is greeted by Vincent on the beach, a treat is visible in his left hand which Vincent proceeds to eat.
* Sun is wearing a different and far less conservative wedding dress than what she was seen wearing in ...In Translation.

Thanks to xoxo for the photo.

Source: Lostpedia

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