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  • Danielle has a brief conversation with Ben; in "Solitary" Danielle claimed she had never seen any of the Others, though this could be attributed to the fact that she is insane as she recognizes Ben as someone else calling him "the one who infected us".
  • As Locke, Sun and Ben approach the temple, the black plastic pot holding a tree is clearly visible in the middle of the shot (this is just after Ben says "It's the wall around our Temple")
  • A different take is used for the beginning of the first scene between Ben and Locke to what was used at the end of the previous episode, "Whatever Happened, Happened".
  • When Ben falls through the floor in the temple, it's clearly not Michael Emerson and the face of the stuntman is visible.
  • When Ben drains the murky water to summon the Smoke Monster, his hand changes position in between shots from up by his face, to down by his leg.
  • On the dock, Locke puts on his left sock and ties his shoe, but then in the next cut shot, he's putting his left sock on again.
  • When Caesar confronts Locke about the boats, Locke has a small black mark on the left side of his shirt. In the next shot it disappears before returning in the following shot before disappearing again.
  • Charles Widmore is shown to have been exiled sometime after the Purge, circa 1992, as he is leaving by the DI sub; however, previously both he and Miles have stated that Widmore's been looking for the Island for over 20 years.
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