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# When Jack approached Hurley at the airport, Sayid saw Kate sitting in a chair before standing up and go, however, in "316", Kate passed through to the terminal gate long before that.
# "Oldham Pharmaceuticals" would be a very weird name for the pharmacy in Russia, it would rather be "Pharmaceutical Company of Oldham" with a very different Russian writing "Фармацевтическая Компания Олдхэма". Even if a store with close sounding would have existed in Russia it would have been rather written in English.
# The small CCTV camera we saw in the cell holding Sayid was a modern CCD camera. The only CCD camera available in the 70s is like this.
# Before Sawyer goes into Sayid's cell the first time, an Apple Lisa can be seen behind Phil. This computer would not be on the market for another 6 years.

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