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Episode 5.09 - Namaste

* In the last scene, as the camera follows 1977 Young Ben as he takes a sandwich to Sayid, an Apple Lisa is shown in the background. While this computer was available at the same time as the more commonly used Apple II's throughout the series, it wasn't released until 6 years later in 1983.
* The Welcome New Recruits sign at the Processing Center is first shown tied between two large trees; however, in the scene as Sawyer turns to escort Jack, Kate, and Hurley inside, just before Miles arrives, the sign is turned at a different angle and the left side is secured to the building rather than the tree.
* When Jin tells Sawyer about Sayid, over the radio, the transmission would have sent to everyone who had their radio turned to the same frequency, thus not being secret.
* Christian turns on the lights to get Frank and Sun's attention, and it remains on behind him in the doorway; however, when Frank and Sun enter, the room is basically dark and they are using a flashlight.

Source: Lostpedia

If you have clear screencaps for any of these continuity errors, please send me an e-mail.

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