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Shadows and Club


Sayid shots Mr. Avellino and he falls near his golf club and there are shadows cast by the sun
Camera cuts to Sayid, then sayid walks away and Mr. Avellino is no shadows.

Also submitted by M_McFly

Note: This is another example of something ive seen allot of in Lost.

If you take the scene and watch it as a whole it has an Obvious Continuity Issue as shown above.

But if you break down the scene at the point the Continuity Issue acures and pretend
You see a that they have shown great attention to detail.

Part 1 slow motion

Sayid fires his gun and starts to lower his arm.
The camera cuts and show Sayids arm still moving down to his side, Gun in hand.
Shadows are visable and Mr. Avellino is near his golf club
The continuity of Sayids arm moving down is spot on.

Now if we forget about part 1 for a moment and Focus on part 2.

Part2 Slowmotion

Sayids arm is still reaching having fired the gun and he is lowering his arm
His arm jerks (he is throwing away his gun)
Camera shot cuts to just see his gun fling out of camera shot at the bottom.
This shows Incredible attention to detail because you hardle notice Sayids gun fly out of shot, the gun is only really visable for a single frame

So both Part 1 and Part 2 on their own show a high level of attention to detail.
But when you Splice thease 2 (dimensions) together you get the Obvious Continuity Issue.

Full scene

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