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The menu in the restaurant where Sayid meets Elsa for the first time features numerous glaring spelling errors: "Tages Menu" ("menu of the day"; correct would be "Tagesmenü", although at least the parsing is an error actually found in many German restaurants); "Grilltes Huhnerfilet mit Gemüse" ("grilled chicken filet with vegetables"; correct would be "Gegrilltes Hühnerfilet mit Gemüse"); "Steak mit Knobloch Kartoffen" ("steak with garlic potatoes"; correct would be "Steak mit Knoblauchkartoffeln"); and "Gulash mit Bratkartoffen" ("goulash with roast potatoes"; correct would be "Gulasch mit Bratkartoffeln").

At the place Elsa marks on the map is no restaurant.At this place is the Humboldt University of Berlin

Behind-the-scenes photos revealed back in October 2007 the name of one of the aforementioned stores as "Weinlese Teppich", which translates as "grape harvest carpet". [1] Unless the store's owner goes by the highly unusual name of "Weinlese", this appears to be a mangled translation of "vintage carpet".

Most of pedestrian signs on Berlin's roads have another type of "walking man" figure. Not like on this shot. "Walking man" sign is well-known part of modern Berlin.

In addition, there are no yellow stripes on sidewalks in Germany either.

Berlin actually has an effective winter service, so it'd be highly unlikely to see huge chunks of snow on the street there like in this episode.

The green Brazilian passport found in Ben's drawer has two mistakes. An authentic Brazilian passport would read "Brasil" and "Passaporte," rather than the English "Brazil" and "Passport" that are seen in the episode.

When the helicopter takes off from the island Sayid and Naomi's body do not clearly appear to be in the back seats of the helicopter.
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