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Juliets House


This post is in contrast to the usuall posts, Instead of high-lighting continuity Issues, Im going to show some of the attention to detail they often Include.

During the The Economist hurley is found Inside juliets house.
In the closet where Hurley is found we see very breifly Juliets handbag next to sayid hanging up, the same handbag she bought to the Island on the submarine

In Juliets living room there are the many items that are the same as when we first saw Juliets house in S3Ep1

Cusions, Items on the wall, Including missing items that were broken in the earthquake, hats, her little fold away table & CDs on the floor

There were some additional item in the house that were not their before like Red hats, But most of the items were in the house before.
However her house being so beaten up and the broken chairs is a mystery to me.

Another thing I noted
During S3EP1 Ethan was working on Juliets plumbing when Flight 815 Crashed
Ethan was sent to the beach by Ben
I guess he or somebody else must have found time to fix Juliet's plumbing, because her plumbing was working fine when Kate fetched Hurley a cup of water.

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