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Present Past & Future


POV - Present: Young Ben arrives on the island along with his father and other new arrivals, all look around in wonder and are given flowers as they are welcomed to the island
An old bolding man with a white beard is among them.

They all go to be processed and assigned work, Ben watches a dharma video on the TV.
Past: In the video we see the same white bearded man walk though shot.

When Annie gives Ben the apollo bar the white bearded man can be seen stood behind Ben.

Future: Later in Ben's life when his father is now old, and Ben has grown up
Ben carries some beers over to his fathers truck as Ben walks towards the van the white bearded man walks past Ben carrying a water hose

Ben walks over to the van and puts the beers into his fathers van and they have a conversation, We again see the white bearded man walk past behind Ben's father
Camera cuts to Ben , then after a few seconds cuts back to his farther and we see the white bearded man walk behind him out of focus.

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Here are some of the clips of the white bearded man.

Note: It would appear Richard is not the only one who has not aged ;)

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