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Sun stands alone Looking across at Jin, preparing herself to leave him.

Behind her a Woman (Blue Dress)
followed By a Black woman(Purple top) & Man(suit)
all walk past Sun from Left to right while A man (shorts purple top)walks Right to left.
All walk past sun.
(Fast walking Blue dress woman and Purple top man walk completely out of shot)

Camera swaps To close up of Sun.
We see Sun still looking at Jin then look away.
behind Sun we see the Blue dress Woman
followed by purple top man, Purple top woman & suit Man.

The odd thing about this scene is the repeated extras are doing the same thing
Except the purple top guy
who is now walking the opposite direction

Then a bit later in the scene he appears behind Jin,
The camera cuts to Sun and Instantly he walks behind Sun.
(This happend twice and again He walks Left the 1st time and right the 2nd time)

The Purple top man

Movie Clip

There are other extras in this scene who show Extremely good continuity some even fit perfectly with another scene later in the season
showing Jack at the desk.
There are very conflicting signs of Excellent and Very poor continuity during this airport scene.

Personal Note: This was the first thing I found that started me thinking many of the Continuity issues we see in Lost are more than just silly mistakes.

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