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Hurley Entering the Airport twice


Hurley rushes for his flight, his car breaks down so he contiunes on foot

Hurley Enters the Airport with 2 suitcases,
he gose to the desk, checks in then is told he is late for his flight and he needs to hurry to International on the other side of the airport.

Hurley runs down some stairs
Then he seen running outside
Then he is pushing up an escalator

Then we see hurley running though the Airport Entrance again
All the same extras are there walking in the same direction as they did the 1st time

Hurley however has Lost one of his suitcases and now is running with only one suitcase.

Here is a clip showing both scene's together

After Hurley is seen Entering the Airport the 2nd time,
we start to see the Lost Numbers everywere.

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